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Foremost Golf Club in the local area

Are you a lover of golf? Do you desire to spend your days practicing like a pro on the greenest of greens? Test is a top quality golf club offering courses that you can use and enjoy, no matter your abilities. We are located in the local area and provide the best environment to practice and play the game of kings in the best way possible. Reach us today through our booking form to schedule a visit and see for yourself this is the right golf club for you.

World-Class Ambience

We take pride in all our services both on and off the green. Whenever you visit our course, you'll find a welcoming, friendly environment that promotes a sense of camaraderie among all players. To make this year-round game extra special, we have a full list of events that includes various tournaments catering to different player levels, social activities and a number of additional ways for members, and their guests, to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation and downtime.

Perfect your swing with our professionals

Our fabulous golf pros offer a range of lessons – from beginners and children, through to driver, fairway woods, pitching, chipping and bunker lessons to help you improve your game. Play alongside our pros and get advice as you play, or book yourself a specific lesson to work on those tricky shots that are affecting your handicap. Finish the round with a drink, a bite to eat, and a chat with our welcoming members.


Parking available
Wifi on the premises
Accepts cards
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